Sunday, January 3, 2010

In C Remixed - Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble

01 - In C - Semi-Detached (Jack Dangers Remix)
02 - Bints Mix (Michael Lowenstern Remix)

In C Remixed is the latest project from the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble, the corn-fed young group from western Michigan that brought you Innova’s 2007 best-seller, Steve Reich’s "Music for 18 Musicians."

In C RemixedGrand Valley State University New Music Ensemble
"In C - Semi-Detached" (mp3)
from "In C Remixed"
(Innova Recordings)

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Bints Mix (mp3)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Noertker's Moxie - druidh lacunae

01 - What the Water Gave Me
02 - Virágé

Bill Noertker, the druidh, paints musical portraits of the natural and supernatural world — the mysterious beauty of the giraffe; the funky gait of the white elephant; the fantastic denizens of Frida Kahlo's bath; a flower blooming in the snow in the High Tatras; the proud yet clumsy birds of Athens; the tragedy of the Nevada desert. These portraits have intentional lacunae, blank spaces or missing parts, that are filled by the impressionistic and expressionistic musings of the inspired musicians of Noertker's Moxie.
In the last decade, Bill Noertker has composed over 150 original pieces of music for jazz ensemble. His compositions point to the continuity between the jazz tradition and the avant-garde. His use of group improvisation and his attention to the individual voices of each of his band mates call forth the human element so sorely missing from much of today’s jazz.
druidh lacunaeNoertker's Moxie
"What the Water Gave Me" (mp3)
from "druidh lacunae"
(Edgetone Records)

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Virágé (mp3)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Various Artists - Caoz and Eroz

Track: Neuro Mind by Crypton, RolaR

Electronic, experimental music.

Caoz and ErozCrypton, RolaR
"Neuro Mind" (mp3)
from "Caoz and Eroz"
(Mind Records)

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Kona Triangle - Sing a New Sapling into Existence

Track: Pinchbeck

Kona Triangle is the combined forces of UK based musicians, Keaver & Brause and Lone. They create electronic music that fits well outside any electronic dance genre by bringing odd time signatures to warbling synthesizers and floating melodies. Truly organic sounding, the music of Kona Triangle feels like warm waves of electronic bliss rolling over your mind and taking over your body. If you are looking for something new and different in electronic music, look no further. Highly recommended!

Sing a New Sapling into ExistenceKona Triangle
"Pinchbeck" (mp3)
from "Sing a New Sapling into Existence"
(Porter Records)

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kobayashi - Strange Lights and Resolutions

Track: Never Was

7 piece Montreal underground trip hop cinematic jazz vibe * Produced by Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth, Pest 5000, Brave New Waves).

Strange Lights and ResolutionsKobayashi
"Never Was" (mp3)
from "Strange Lights and Resolutions"
(Bongo Beat Records)

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